Premises Liability

Our firm has litigated numerous cases involving injuries arising from conditions on property such as grocery stores, apartment buildings, sidewalks, parking lots, restaurants, shopping malls, and construction sites. We have represented both plaintiffs who have been injured as well as owners, operators, property managers, and contractors who have had claims brought against them. These claims cover a broad area ranging from slips and falls and injuries resulting from various hazards to claims arising from alleged inadequate security and discrimination. We also have expertise in determining whether and what insurance may apply to a particular claim.

Our attorneys are skilled in handling claims involving the laws of Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia and have handled claims involving minor injuries to major accidents that have unfortunately resulted in severe injuries or loss of life. We are well-versed in the law of liability and damages in all three jurisdictions and attempt to work on a successful resolution of claims without litigation where possible.

The attorneys at Gavett, Datt & Barish, P.C. represent both individuals and small businesses as well as very large companies. No matter the size of the case, we value each of our clients and pride ourselves in the attention we give to each of our cases and the frequent communication we have with our clients. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your matter. We look forward to working with you.