Business & Estate Fraud

Individuals who find themselves involved in claims of business and estate fraud require dedicated representation. At Gavett, Datt & Barish, P.C., our attorneys are experienced in representing individuals as both plaintiffs and defendants in these types of claims.

Legal claims for business fraud can affect those individuals who have been charged with theft or embezzlement. These charges often require detailed and aggressive representation. At Gavett, Datt & Barish, P.C., our attorneys review every detail and every document in order to understand the charges, the business processes that allege the fraud, and determine the best possible defense for our clients.

Our attorneys are experienced in representing individuals who are alleged to have made fraudulent business practices or misrepresentations about their business dealings. Because there is the possibility for punitive damages as well as recovery of actual damages, our attorneys work diligently to mitigate the possible negative outcome so that our clients' livelihoods do not suffer.

Gavett, Datt & Barish, P.C., also represents clients who allege fraud against businesses. When a client comes to us with a misrepresentation on the part of a business, or in an instance where a business has acted fraudulently during a business dealing, we put our extensive knowledge to use. We work toward a positive resolution for our client.

Where an individual client finds the possibility of estate fraud, we work diligently to unravel every aspect of the estate distribution in order to determine if any fraud has occurred. We will work unceasingly in order to ensure that the situation has been fairly resolved. For clients who are concerned about the misuse or theft of funds from a family member's estate, it is important to act quickly, as recovery of diverted funds may be thwarted by waiting too long.