Arbitration and Mediation

Several of the firm’s attorneys have been trained to serve as mediators or arbitrators in a variety of disputes. One big advantage of mediation or arbitration is that they are avenues of dispute resolution that may be more cost-effective than litigation. These methods also have the ability to lead to a faster resolution of a matter while also keeping the dispute from the public eye. The distinction between these two methods is typically that in arbitration, the parties agree ahead of time to be bound by the decision of the arbitrator whereas in mediation, the mediator tries to facilitate a successful resolution of the dispute between the parties, but the process is non-binding unless the parties ultimately agree to a settlement.

In addition to serving as mediators or arbitrators, the attorneys at our firm are strong advocates when representing our clients in mediation and arbitration proceedings before other arbitrators or mediators. Our attorneys are skilled in handling arbitration and mediation of a wide variety of disputes including, but not limited to: contract disputes; employment disputes; business- ownership disputes and dissolution; and construction disputes.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss whether you might take advantage of these services with respect to your particular legal issue.