Labor and Employment Issues and Covenants Not to Compete

The decision-making process for every business, large or small, carries potentially serious legal ramifications. Unfortunately, employment litigation is becoming more and more commonplace. Gavett, Datt & Barish, P.C. has a depth of experience in advising both employers and employees on a wide variety of employment related issues. We use our knowledge to ensure that our clients have the best and most current understanding of how the law affects them.

Our attorneys help our clients by analyzing an employment scenario and providing a framework within which to resolve an issue, dispute or claim. They are also adept at responding to those unforeseen employment emergencies which randomly occur during the course of business. With a depth of knowledge to draw from, our attorneys can help your business determine best practices as well as deal with the unexpected.

Our firm acts as counsel to a number of small to medium size corporations in Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Virginia. In this role, Gavett, Datt & Barish, P.C., provides legal services regarding the drafting of employment manuals. We also offer advice on specific employment practices, such as advertising for employees, the application and hiring process, negligent hiring and background checks, termination of employees, Family and Medical Leave Act, ERISA and Fair Labor Standards Act questions.

The firm also is involved in drafting employment contracts, including non-competition, and non-solicitation provisions, wage and payment issues, representation in response to claims of discrimination before Human Rights Commissions and the EEOC, and recommendations on how to resolve and/or address employment related issues and policies that arise on a day to day basis for every employer. We have also been involved in litigation of several employment disputes involving non-compete agreements and other employer-employee disputes.