Commercial Landlord Tenant Law

Attorneys at Gavett, Datt & Barish have represented numerous landlords and tenants on the negotiation and enforcement of leases for commercial office buildings and retail shopping properties. On the landlord side, our clients are family-owned real estate companies, institutional landlord investors, lenders, and public pension funds. Our tenant clients include government contractors, service providers, non-profit associations, trade groups, retailers, restaurants, contractors, industrial users and other businesses.

We routinely draft, review, and negotiate leases, subleases, assignments, consents to assignments and subleases, estoppel certificates, subordination and non-disturbance agreements, landlord lien waivers, roof rights agreements, antennae licensing agreements, termination agreements, broker agreements, and vendor agreements. We have drafted standard lease forms for landlords to address the unique needs of each client with respect to their properties. We coordinate the client's lease forms with the requirements of their lenders.

We have assisted many commercial landlords in the financing and re-financing of their properties, and coordinated the financings with their tenant operations. The size of financings and re-financings have run from as little as $300,000 to as much as $30 million dollars. On occasion, our clients need our assistance to renegotiate existing financing to make their properties run more profitably.

When tenants default on their lease obligations, we have assisted landlords in the enforcement of those leases and represented tenants on the renegotiation of their leases.