Business and Estate Fraud

Fraud against businesses and estates is escalating. At Gavett, Datt & Barish, P.C., our attorneys are experienced in working on behalf of our clients in order to mitigate the fallout from economic fraud.

For our business clients, we understand that fraud correlates to a decline in financial performances. We know that it affects the bottom line. Our attorneys work with our clients to create processes that can decrease vulnerability to economic fraud. We explain how to detect fraud, and how to handle instances where an economic fraud has been perpetrated.

In addition to creating policies and procedures, we offer our clients the vast knowledge we have gained as business attorneys for twenty years. While the methods may have changed, there are still principles that can be put into place in order to safeguard your business. Even something as simple as ensuring that the right checks and balances are in place for even the smallest business can go a long way to diminish the potential for fraud by an employee.

For our individual clients, fraud against an estate can occur when they are most vulnerable. By working with our clients to unravel the sometimes messy financial assets of a loved one, we can address issues of estate fraud. We can show our clients how to put into place the appropriate procedures for the oversight of any size estate.

Our attorneys are adept at sorting out possible malfeasance from simple mistakes. Because we are experienced in working with our clients in these circumstances, our attorneys know what to look for in order to preserve your estate and ferret out any misdeeds.